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What's With the Logo?

In the second chapter of Adventures of the Intergalactic Service Club - Mission One: Journey of Discovery, Jonas introduces readers to the ISC logo.

"The logo was a three-inch circle. A braided multicolored rope formed the border, enclosing a dark blue background. At the seven o'clock position, along the bottom edge, stood a silhouette in black thread. It was a boy standing on the edge of a cliff, holding an old-style lantern in his raised right hand.

Strands of gold thread spread from the lantern, encircling and appearing to light a globe of the Earth. The Earth was also in gold thread, positioned just above the silhouette near the center of the circle.

Behind the Earth were planets. Jonas assumed they were the planets of the solar system since one of them had rings like Saturn. Delicate strands of gold reached from the lantern to the planets on the logo as well. Around the edges of the circle were tiny white dots, presumably meant to symbolize stars. Very fine strands of white thread connected some of the dots, like astrological signs.

The logo was intricate and detailed and represented a bold idea. The light from the lantern, held by one boy, shone throughout the galaxy. All of it on a three-inch patch."

Later, readers learn that Mr. Mangum first saw the logo on a piece of paper handed to him by a very old man. It's then recognized by everyone in the lizard squad, this time as a flashing strobe that seems to float on the surface of a force field that covers a mysterious portal.

At some point, I thought it would be cool to put the logo on the book's cover. Having allocated a total of $0.00 for logo design, it came down to my feeble artistic skills. I drew a pencil version and passed it to my publisher, Covenant Books. They took that drawing and added it to the cover. Later, I decided I wanted an "enhanced" version to add to business cards and bookmarks. So I started with an image of my original drawing and then used the free version of Pixlr to create the logo at the bottom of this blog.

It's not exactly like Jonas described it. I took a few liberties. It turns out I can't draw a rope, so I just wrapped it in a circular border instead. Even though Jonas doesn't describe every planet in the solar system, I wanted to include all eight of them and Pluto. (I'm old enough to remember when Pluto was a planet, even if the International Astronomical Union now says otherwise.)

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