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Goodbye Boise

The About the Author page in my first book says I live in Boise, Idaho. That was true when I wrote it.

Boise is a pretty incredible place. We lived there for a long time and loved it. We made awesome friends and enjoyed so much of what Boise, and Idaho, have to offer. We miss Stanley Lake and rafting on the Payette. We miss fishing trips to Henry's Lake and Horsethief. We miss biking on the Boise River greenbelt. We miss cha gio from Dong Khanh and ice cream potatoes from Westside Drive-In.

But life is always changing, and the author page on my next book will have to include a change of address. In 2021 we downsized, decluttered, and made the move to Grand Junction, Colorado. So far, as much as we miss our friends and the beauty of Idaho, we've been thrilled with this transition.

Thank you, Boise for many wonderful years. I'm looking forward to new and exciting adventures in Colorado!

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