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About Me

​I spent most of my life working in the finance and semi-conductor industries, but I always dreamed of being a writer. Adventures of the Intergalactic Service Club- Mission One: Journey of Discovery is my first novel. I'll admit that I fear some may read it and feel I'm better suited to making memory chips. I sure hope that isn't the case. I enjoyed writing this first book as much as I've enjoyed any work in my life. I hope it sells a few copies so I can keep writing more adventures.


I grew up in a small town in Utah and was actively involved in Boy Scouts as a youth. That involvement carried over into adulthood, and I've been fortunate enough to spend many years as a volunteer in scouting. Like Mr. Mangum, the Intergalactic Service Club's adult leader, I've enjoyed many campouts, hikes, and fishing trips that I would otherwise have missed if not for the scouting organization. I can't speak to the experiences of others. I can say that scouting has always been good to me.


I've also enjoyed seeing how mostly young men (in my time in scouting) could grow and mature through leadership opportunities and challenging situations. If you want to test the mettle of a 13-year-old, go with them on a 20-mile hike, or help them start a fire in sub-zero weather. I've heard you should write what you know. So that is what I tried to do, sort of, when I created the Intergalactic Service Club and put the young men in the lizard squad to work solving a difficult historical problem on another world.